Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Launching New Website Soon..........

RFID In India is in the process of launching its new website very soonwith detailed profile of Indian RFID Scenario. Keep watching this URL for new updates.......

Saturday, January 15, 2011

RFID - An Introduction in India

India, a country, leader in knowledge and services, is a very serious destination as of now and the whole world has its eyes set on it. Being the 11th largest economy of the world, it is offering immense opportunities in the field of science and technology.
Be it a defense sector, corporate, educational institutions, manufacturing, RFID is coming in a very big way thereby offering immense potential for companies to invest in the technology. Mahindra & Mahindra, an automobile company in the country was one of the early adopters of RFID and now it has pressed the pedal in full for utilizing it in areas ranging from warehousing to vendor tracking.

Tracing back its landing into India in 2000, RFID has been deployed in various areas such as document tracking, asset tracking, retail, courier tracking, library automation etc. Till date RFID has been deployed in the field of libraries in a big way. More than 100 libraries across India are using the technology to track the books. Members and staff are also getting benefitted in a significant way.

With India being an agricultural economy Indian farmers are keeping a track of their cattle using RFID. Wal-Mart, major adopters of the technology across the globe, can be considered as introducer of RFID for retail sector once they land into India, but definitely the cost per RFID tags needs to come down in order to attract other big players.

Once of the biggest hurdle or reason for slow adoption of the technology in India is the cost of the technology. People are still waiting the tag price to come as low as Rs.5 but due to the potential and increasing deployment of the technology, the target does not seems to be too far.
Keep watching this space for latest updates regarding the technology in India.